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We understand how important your website is, and we ensure a personalized, diligent approach to deliver quality results.


We deliver 100% always – we listen to your actual needs, communicate openly, and deliver quickly..


We provide professional monitoring and protection for your website at all times, even when you’re offline.


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Our origin story

How it all began

In 2001, three friends decided to start their own web agency. Despite vague plans and dim prospects, strong faith led to success.

2016 Business Overview

Today, Stylemix is comprised of 67 professionals working across four core business divisions: web development, mobile application development, WordPress theme development and WordPress technical support. We’ve helped many satisfied customers and enjoyed numerous successful projects, with many more to come.

Current activities and
future prospects

We love information technology. We deliver WordPress support and maintenance services internationally, because our goal is to help you achieve your dreams of building a successful and creative business. Our current and future aims include: startup projects, Smart House software and hardware engineering, as well as expansion into German and Australian markets.

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