Web design and development have changed drastically over the last decade. One of the primary contributions and value that it offers today is the ability to have a website designed and updated from just about anywhere, and with convenience. And this has been possible with the help of Content Management Systems (CMS). While there are hundreds of CMS’s available today, there is one that by far, has emerged as the leader: and that is WordPress.

So powerful was the impact of this unique system that it revolutionized the web design industry completely, creating a substantial paradigm shift. Do businesses really need to create a website from scratch? WordPress makes this practice redundant introducing templates, plugins, and other resources – each allowing companies to power their websites and create an online edge.

In the hot debate between WordPress themed websites and ones created from scratch, who wins? Take a look at these top 10 advantages of using WordPress to decide that yourself:

1. The Themes Are Stylish & Professional

It is important to note that when it comes to your web design, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Today, some of the largest global companies have managed to make successful and aesthetically beautiful sites with the help of pre-existing templates. Because these WordPress themes are open source, they can either be downloaded for free or you may have to purchase the premium on marketplaces like Themeforest.net. Either ways, they can be customized. Also remember, these themes are independent. So, you need not worry about risking misalignment of content. You can change the themes any time during the designing process without worrying about the content and functionality.

2. WordPress Is A Free, No Strings Attached, Open Source System

There are many supposedly “free” and “open source” software that have limitations and trial periods, most of which you may be unaware of in the beginning. WordPress is one of those systems that has no hidden agenda. It is completely free, and offers you numerous features without any limitations whatsoever. This, above all, has been one of the best attractions of this software. Of course, it’s not the only one.

3. Better Accessibility

You get to make amendments and elements from any computer at any place in the world that provides you access to the internet and a browser. There are neither any additional software requirements, nor are there any firewall settings that could impede your progress.

4. Professional Look &Feel

The overall look and feel of your website could be that single factor that contributes to the overall image that your target audience develops about you. It adds credibility, and portrays your brand as a remarkable player in the industry. In some instances, even if you manage to hire a newbie web designer to create a template from scratch, you may never obtain the same results that WordPress templates and themes offer you. Each theme is professionally designed to incorporate professional looking layouts, designs, and fonts.

5. Eliminates the Need For HTML Editing & FTP Software Requirement

Unlike Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver, WordPress does not require the user to use HTML editing software. As a self contained system, it allows you to use the themes, create new web and blog pages, format content, upload and edit images – all without the additional requirement of HTML or FTP software.

6. The Theme of Your Website Is 100% Customizable

While WordPress offers you numerous free and premium themes to choose from, each of them can be customized to meet your business requirements. For instance, while the design functions and aesthetics of a template might appeal to you, you may want to customize and personalize the colors to make it consistent with your brand image. And all that is possible with WordPress. The “Feature Filter” option allows you to narrow down your search to colors, layout type, features, and subject theme.

7. The Added Benefits of Plugins

There are quite a few platforms that offer plugin features and functionality. However, even some of the most leading graphic designers and web design experts admit that there is no source that offers a smooth implementation of plugin functionalities better than WordPress. These additional functions allow you to add shopping cart, blogs, forums, photo galleries amongst various other features. You can explore options in a searchable directory (that is an equivalent of the App Store). The code consists of “hooks”– which is a great feature for developers –that allow you to add your own code while keeping the core code intact.

8. Google Loves It!

For every business – regardless of its type –getting ranked high is the ultimate key. You want your brand to get noticed by the right people. While WordPress has numerous SEO plugins – of which All-In-One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps are personal favorites –developers noticed that there was a spike in search results even without these features. Simple aspects such as WordPress layouts, permalinks, and easy linking facilities attract Google spiders, automatically ranking your website higher.

9. A Fast Learning Curve

Simply put,if you can work on MS Word, you can operate, edit, and post using WordPress. Unlike other web design and development software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage, you don’t need to plough through stacks and stacks of tutorials. WordPress themes and tools, in comparison, are a piece of cake.

10. Your Website Can Grow With Your Business

Over time, you expect that your business will grow. However, is your website prepared for the upcoming changes? WordPress is incredibly scalable. Over the months or years, you can add new features, get upgrades, incorporate security elements, and enhance its functionality with plugins. Therefore, as your business experiences growth, your website grows with you.

That’s it for the top 10 advantages of WordPress themes. More and more local and international institutions, businesses, and organizations are using WordPress today. Some of the big names include the elite New York Times, People, and Flickr. It is a more feasible option for you to empower your brand and your online presence in the most convenient and cost effective way.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding WordPress update, maintenance, WP support or installing a WordPress theme you should contact Stylemix WordPress Support. Our company boasts over 14 years of experience in spearheading over 1500 web development projects!