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$ 39
  • 1 GB memory
  • 1 vCPU
  • 20 GB storage
  • 20 GB additional storage
  • 20 GB CDN
$ 109
  • 4 GB memory
  • 2 vCPU
  • 40 GB storage
  • 40 GB additional storage
  • 40 GB CDN

What we use

Akamai CDN

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24/7 Support

We love to hear from our customers, especially when they need our support! Please, contact us if you have any questions.


We monitor our servers and systems around the clock to ensure your website is always available for your clients.

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Day or night, you can contact our support team via online chat for critical website issues.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly

Do I have to change my domain if I get a new host?

No. You can simply update A record (we will give you detailed instructions) or we can do it for you.

How do I upload my site online?

We'll do it for you. You don’t need to spend the time for this. The only thing – we need the credentials for your current hosting account.

How long does it take to launch my website?

Our estimated turnaround time for registrations and moving your website to our hosting is no more than 12 hours after the successful payment. Please, note, that you’ll need to provide us with the actual credentials. Delays can sometimes occur, but we do all we can to speed up the process.

Can I get a free hosting plan?

Stylemix does not offer any Free packages. However, all of our hosting plans include a 30 days money back guarantee, so you can safely order a package with us to test our services. If for any reason you decide not to continue with Stylemix, we will offer you a full refund on your purchase, no questions asked with a 20% administrative fee to cover our losses. So get started today - it's risk-free!

What is uptime?

Uptime is literally what it means - it is the amount of time your site is online throughout the entire month. The best uptime would be 100%, but because things can break, we offer 99.9% uptime guarantees.

Do you place any forced ads on my website?

Stylemix does NOT place any forced ads on our customer's websites.

Need help?

In case you have any question about our Motors Hosting Plans, please feel free to use the ‘Live Chat’ option at the bottom of the page to speak with one of our specialists. You can also email us at hello@stylemix.net or use contact form.